iTunes Store

Within the Virtual Runner, you can purchase new courses to run. Course purchases are perform through the Apple App Store integration (known as in-app purchases), giving you the security and piece of mind of Apple handling the financial transaction.

To Begin, select the "Store" Button on the main page of the Virtual Runner App.

Link My Outside Interactive Account with Mobile Device

The link below will generate an email to you which will contain a unique character string. Cut and paste this character string into the Link my app area on the Manage section of the iPad Application.

Click Here to send yourself an email to link your iPad and Outside Interactive accounts

Using The iPad Virtual Runner with ANT+ Devices

The main screen for the Virtual Runner application provides you with easy access to all of the applications features.

The "ANT+ Setup" button allows you to connect your ANT footpod and optionally your ANT heart rate monitor.

Adding Your 1st Course Directly on the Virtual Runner iPad

You have 2 choices for adding courses on your Virtual Runner. You can download the courses from this website, and then install them through iTunes. This
will show you how. One advantage of using this method is that you can keep a small number of course on the iPad, leaving plenty of room for your other music, videos and applications. In is very simple and quick to move the course files through iTunes to your iPad, once you have done it once.


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