Linking Your Outside Interactive Account

The Virtual Runner App allows you to link your iPad to your Outside Interactive account, giving you access to free downloads, the ability to see all of your purchases in one place and many more features.

First, you must have an Outside Interactive Account. These are created on the Outside Interactive website. For instruction, click here

To link your account, click on the "Account" button.

On the account screen, you have a field to link your account to your iPad. To get a link string, log in to the outside interactive account.

Once logged in, select the link account menu item.

The system will email you a link string to the email account you used when you signed up for your Outside Interactive account.

Open your mail, and copy the link string. (To copy, hold your finger on the string.. a copy menu will pop up. Select 'copy'.

Hold your finger on the link field until the paste button shows. Select paste. (Of course, you can also type it in by hand.)

Once the link has been entered.. Press the link button.

You will see the message below if you account has been successfully linked.