iTunes Store

Within the Virtual Runner, you can purchase new courses to run. Course purchases are perform through the Apple App Store integration (known as in-app purchases), giving you the security and piece of mind of Apple handling the financial transaction.

To Begin, select the "Store" Button on the main page of the Virtual Runner App.

Tap on a video to display more details on the course. By swiping the description on this page, you will see a video preview of the course and images.

Scroll through the available courses, and select 'Buy' or click on the Shopping Cart button when you are ready to purchase.

Your purchases are approved through the Apple store, and then available for your download at any time.

If you link your Outside Interactive account, you will always be able to see and download the courses again even if you have purchased a new device. (Apple will also allow you to download again without paying, however you won't be able to see all the courses you have purchased from this device until you link the account.). Linking your account is a convenience for you, not a necessity.

Note: if you uninstall and re-install Virtual Runner, or you install a new version of Virtual Runner, you will need to click "buy" on all of your purchased videos. Apple will not charge you, and your account will be updated and your videos will be available again in Virtual Runner.