Add Virtual Runner Course through iTunes

You can download your courses at any time to a local computer. First, create an Outside Interactive account at

Watch the video below on how to load your courses into the iPad.

First, plug your iPad into your computer and connect it to iTunes.

In iTunes, select Apps at the top row menu, select the Virtual Runner app in the File Sharing section on the bottom right, and click the "Add..." button on the bottom right to select a file to load.

Now that you have loaded the file through iTunes, Open your Virtual Runner Application on the iPad.

Select the "Video Library" Button

Select the "+Add Video" button at the top left, next to the Label "Courses"

Select "Add Courses through through iTunes"

You will see the file name that you just loaded via iTunes.

Select the "Download" button, next to the file (course) you wish to load.

When the extract is complete, the filename will be removed from the list, and you will see the course in the Courses list.

You are now ready to run!