Using The iPad Virtual Runner in Manual Mode

The main screen for the Virtual Runner application provides you with easy access to all of the applications features.

The "User Profile Button" allows you to login to your facebook or twitter account.

The "Account Button" allows you to enter your link ID for your Virtual Runner account. Do this the first time that you setup the app on the iPad. Click "Link Accounts" on your account on the web site, and enter the ID that is sent to your email. The Account button also allows you to configure the posting of your run to your facebook and/or twitter account.

The "Video Library" Button allows you to manage your video collection. You can download videos from your online account, download videos from your computer using iTunes, or delete videos. Clicking on a video in the "Available To Download" list will download the video from your online account. Clicking on "Edit" button will allow you to delete videos. Clicking on the "+Add" button will allow you to download from your online account or from your computer using iTunes (iPad) or SD Card (Android tablet).

The "History" button displays a table of your completed runs. The trash can button allows you to clear your history.

The "graph icon" button allows you to toggle the graphical view of your run history.

The "PR Records" button displays your best time for each video that you have run.

The "Answers & Help" button displays this help page.

The "ANT+ Setup" button lets you connect your Footpod and Heart Rate Monitor.

The "Shop" button lets you purchase videos through the in-app store.

The "Messages" button displays tips and information.

Now you are ready to select your course and run. Select a video from the video strip of images below the video player window. Then choose your starting point, and press the blue and white play video button. Your video will begin to play.

The video will play in manual mode when the ANT Dongle is not connected. You control the video speed with the "-" "+" buttons on the top left corner of the video. These buttons fade after 5 seconds. You can run the video to the end. Clicking on "Press to End and Save Your Run" will record your run to history. You can pause your run with the "pause video" button at the bottom. You can click on "Press to End and Save Your Run" to save this partial run to history, or you can resume this run later by pressing the "back" button. This run can be resumed at the point where you left off as long as you do not select any other videos.